Infinite Monkeys Entertainment Ltd.
Based in Edmonton, Alberta

Founding date:
January 30, 2012


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Life Goes On: Done to Death is a comically-morbid platform game where you guide heroic knights to their demise and use their dead bodies to solve puzzles. Impale knights on spikes to create a safe path. Catch a knight on a saw blade (ouch!) to strategically land the body on a button. Freeze your knights into blocks of ice to reach higher ground. Make your way through this treacherous and trap-ridden world to find the Cup of Life. On your quest, you will summon knight after knight and brutally sacrifice them to solve each challenging puzzle. In Life Goes On, death is not a setback—it is the only means to progress.



The project began at the January 2012 Global Game Jam, where the team met for the first time. At the end of the weekend, a buggy, but playable prototype was received with excitement and encouragement by our fellow Jam attendees. We continued development, released a public demo, and showed the game at a local DemoCamp event, where we were met with further enthusiasm and requests for a full game. In January and May 2013, we released a second and third demo that has been well received by online communities, such as TigSource, Reddit’s /r/GameDev, and IndieDB. Funding it out of our own pocket, we finally released the full game, Life Goes On, on Steam in April 2014. It is available for PC, Mac, and Linux. We are currently working on an expansion called Life Goes On: Done to Death that will be released on PS4 and Steam.


Life Goes On: Done to Death Trailer YouTube

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Awards & Recognition

  • "Selection: PAX 10, PAX Prime" - August 2014
  • "Intel Level Up Game Demo Contest, Best Character Design" - August 2013
  • "Selection: IGN's 12 PAX Indie Games You Need to Have on Your Radar" - September 2013

Selected Articles

  • "This melon-twister's wicked personality alone might be enough to pull you into its death grip."
    - Matt Cabral, GameSpot
  • "An inventive and outlandish puzzler that executes with bloodthirstily aplomb."
    - Chris Brown, Gameplanet
  • "Combine great puzzles with a good sense of humor, pretty visuals and a surprisingly well produced soundtrack, Life Goes On is a delightful gem of a game."
    - Allen, Darkstation
  • "Part of the fun of Life Goes On comes in all the different ways you can kill the knights. They can fall, get crushed, get burned, get frozen into handy blocks, and the list goes on."
    - Nicole Tanner, IGN
  • "...I was immediately enamored of the concept. Now that I've played the new demo, I'm eagerly awaiting the full release."
    - Paul Hack, Indie Games: The Weblog
  • "Life Goes On’s concept is fantastic..."
    - Nathan Grayson, Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  • "The most appealing part of Life Goes On, at least initially, is its morbid sense of humor."
    - Chris Priestman, Indie Statik
  • "I love this game, just because I have a sick, twisted [sense of] humor."
    - PauseUnpause, PauseUnpause plays Games
  • "It might sound a tad morbid, until you see the vibrant, animated art direction the experience is wrapped in. It’s actually pretty fun, too, and scratches a similar itch as other simple-yet-engrossing indie-flavored puzzle-platformers..."
    - Patrick Shaw, nVision

Team & Repeating

David Holmes
Producer, Sound Design

Erik Johnson
Level Design, Business, QA

Ian Morrison
Art, Programming, Level Design